Please help with this problem on discounts and percentages. You purchased two new video games.  You received a 40% discount on game one that originally costs $54.  You received a 15% discount on game two that originally costs $42.  What was the percent discount off the total purchase (assuming no tax was involved?)   Thanks everyone!

Expert Answers

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In this problem, you got a discount of 28% off the two video games.  Here's how to figure this out.

First, you find out what the discount was on each video game.  For the first one, you multiply 54 by .4.  That gets you $21.6 -- so you got a discount of $21.60.

Then for the second one, you multiply 42 by .15 and you get 6.3.

So you add your discounts (they come to 27.90) and you divide that by the original total price (96.00) and you find that this is a 28% discount.

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