I need help with the following assignment: What are the political and moral issues raised in Robert Bolt's "A Man for All Seasons"? Compare and contrast the views of statecraft propounded by Machiavelli, Thomas Cromwell, and Sir Thomas More. 

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The key to succeeding in this assignment is creating an outline that enables you to organize your essay thematically. In other words, rather than just summarizing Blot's play, you should divide your essay into sections, each addressing a political or moral issue raised in the play, and then within that section begin by summarizing Bolt's presentation of the issue and then examining the other authors. Thus this answer will be organized by issues.

1. Individual Morality vs. Common Good: More agrees with Henry VIII and many other characters in the play that Henry needs an heir and that having one would be good for England. The problem he faces is whether it is legitimate to sacrifice private morality for the common good. While others argue that the divorce and remarriage is necessary for providing a...

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