I need help finding three supernatural scenes in both Julius Caesar and Macbeth. They must be similar in most ways.   I have read the book but I am not sure. I only have the Ghost. Thank you very much Max

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You are right about the ghost, and this is one of the chief comparisons you will want to talk about. Act III Scene 4 is when Banquo's ghost haunts Macbeth, which you can obviously compare with the ghost of Caesar haunting Brutus and ominously predicting they will meet again the night before the battle of Philippi.

Another key issue you will want to compare is the role of the witches and their predictions and the impact of predictions in Julius Caesar, in particular the dream of Calphurnia that warns Caesar of the approaching disaster.

Lastly in Act II Scene 4, Ross and the old man talk about the strange events that occurred the night of Duncan's murder, with Duncan's horses eating each other and a mousing owl killed a falcon. These portents of nature going against its natural order can be compared to what happens the night before Brutus kills Caesar.

Hope these examples help!

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