I need help describing Pip's relationship with Joe and Mrs. Joe in a few sentences.

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Pip's relationship with Joe changes as the novel progresses. At first, Joe is a good friend and father figure to Pip. He helps to deflect some of the harshness of Mrs. Joe and is happy to have Pip as an apprentice. However, as Pip comes into his "expectations" he begins to feel superior to Joe and is embarrassed by Joe's lack of sophistication. However, by the end of the novel, Pip realizes how terribly bad he has treated Joe and admires Joe for his faithful friendship.

Pip's relationship with his sister, Mrs. Joe, is more problematic. Mrs. Joe raised Pip "by hand", which means she has taken care of him since he was a baby. Even though his sister has done her moral duty, she is obviously bitter she had to take care of her baby brothers after the deaths of the rest of her family. She had to make many sacrifices while Pip was younger and she does not let Pip forget that. Unfortunately, after she is attacked and disabled, Pip's relationship with Mrs. Joe never really progresses.

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