I need help with completing an assignment responding to the following prompt.

Human resource management is the process of finding, developing, and keeping the right people to form a qualified work force. It is one of the most difficult and important of all management tasks. There are many employment law issues related to recruitment and selection that must be considered.

  •  Provide a brief description of the position.
  • Identify recruitment strategies for the position.
  • Create a list of questions to ask as well as a list of what you will be looking for in the ideal candidate.
  • Explain which employment laws need to be considered when implementing the interview. Identify areas in which mistakes could easily be made.

Your assignment should be 2 pages in length.

For citation guidelines, please refer to the table in the APA Style section of the Tools & Resources page.

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Your first task here is selecting a position about which to write. Strategically, you should choose an exempt rather than hourly position, perhaps with technical or managerial responsibilities, as that will give you a wider range of issues to discuss. One example of this might be a software engineer.

For the position description, you would need to include a list of the types of software the engineer will be developing, the computer and operating systems with which the engineer would need to be familiar, and other relevant technical qualifications. You might also want to specify whether the position involves travel to customer sites, overtime, or weekend or shift work. Your position description should signal whether this is a high-paced development job on a leading edge of technology or a more routine maintenance position. You should also think about whether you are attempting to attract people to a start-up or an established company.

For recruitment strategies, if you are considering a field where companies are competing for people with valuable skills, you need to go beyond simply posting the position on a few job sites and use social media and professional networking sites to approach individual recruits. You might also work on building partnerships with local universities to create internships so that you can start recruiting potential stars while they are still students. 

For employment laws, equal opportunity laws are important as are rules concerning accommodating disabilities. Given that software is increasingly globalized, you may need to address immigration and visa issues for potential candidates. If your company does government contracts, you may need to look at rules for contractors, including security clearance eligibility and veteran preferences. 

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