What happened in chapter 1 in the book Lord of the Flies?

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In chapter one of Lord of the Flies, we see two boys on a deserted island. They seem to have been in some kind of accident. They introduce themselves as Ralph and Piggy, and we learn that they were on a plane that was shot down and landed in the jungle. There were other children on the plane, but they haven't found any of them yet. They also don't know whether there are any adults alive either. While the two of them are walking, they come across a conch shell. Piggy gives Ralph the idea of using it as a sort of musical instrument to get the other boys to come to them. When they blow the conch, all the other boys file out of the jungle, led by Jack.

Piggy suggests that they take a vote to see who the leader should be while they are on the island. Jack desperately wants to be the leader, but Ralph is elected to the position. Ralph suggests that Jack and some of the other boys can be the leaders of the hunting group. In this chapter we see that Ralph is a natural-born leader, Piggy is a sensitive young boy, and Jack is power hungry.

This chapter sets up the conflict that is to come between Ralph and Jack. We see that both of them want a leadership position, but Jack wants it for all the wrong reasons. Ralph is more concerned about being rescued, and Jack is more concerned with having a good time. From the very beginning the tensions and discontent are already set up, and it will lead to tragic results. 

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