I need help on a book report for Alex Finn's Beastly.

Expert Answers
Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Often, book reports (especially for middle school & early high school students) consist of the following components:  title, author, characters, summary, opinion.  Title, author, and characters are easy enough for you to complete on your own.  The opinion certainly has to be yours, but I can definitely help you with the plot summary.  Here is a hint:  the story is almost exactly like Beauty and the Beast, even down to some of the smallest details.  Here is a summary to get you started:

Kyle is one of those guys who many seem to admire:  he has money, wit, and looks.  Unfortunately for him, Kyle plays a trick on a misfit from his class (Kendra) who is actually a witch.  Kendra puts a curse on Kyle:  ugliness.  In short, Kyle turns into a beast.  Luckily for Kyle, he performs a random act of kindness directly before he transforms by giving a corsage away to a girl behind the ticket counter; therefore, Kendra gives Kyle an extra chance to undo his beastlyness by having a girl he truly loves prove her own love for him with a kiss.  Kendra also covers a mirror that will show Kyle whatever he would like to see.  In the meantime, Kyle is locked in a penthouse apartment by his mean father who detests Kyle's new appearance.  Now Kyle only has the company of Magda and Will (his maid and tutor). 

Kyle spends the year desperately trying to find love.  During this time, he makes a transformation (starting with changing his name to Adrian) that completes the idea that Kyle is now a different person.  Adrian is no longer obsessed with money or power or popularity.  Now, his only interest is love.

Amazingly, a robber who has a beautiful daughter arrives on the property.  Adrian promptly promises secrecy in exchange for Linda, the daughter.  Again, amazingly, Linda is the same girl who received the flowers from Kyle in his random act of kindness.  Linda feels imprisoned by Adrian, so she at first is oblivious to the flowers and the books and all other attempts to win her over. 

Still, Linda is slowly won over by Adrian's kindness.  Linda begins tutoring Adrian and the two begin to fall in love.  One day, Adrian lends Linda the mirror so she can see her father who is now ailing (due to his use of illicit drugs).  Adrian, out of love, lets Linda go in order to tend to her father.  She can return of her own accord, and only if she wants to. 

Adrian waits, and on the very last day of the curse, Adrian looks at Linda in the mirror.  He sees her being kidnapped.  Adrian tries to rescue Linda and is wounded in the process.  Linda holds the dying Adrian and kisses him.  The spell is broken, Adrian regains his former looks (and as an added bonus, sight is restored to his tutor and family is restored to his maid). 

There is a twist at the end for the reader in which we find out that Magda (the maid) is actually Kendra.  Becoming Magda was Kendra's own punishment for her curse on the original Kyle.  Adrian has broken the spell on Kendra as well.  "And they all live happily every after."