Help analyze please. The Moon of Daily Life- alberto blanco I gather minutes at the window sill and in silence contemplate the condos to the south. The air in the city is impureat dusk and the cars return in flocks to their sad nests. All of these lives have the profound meaning- i tell myself- but when i try to explain it, the noise of the buses drowns me out.

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Not all poetry is easy to interpret. Moreover, every good poem can be interpreted in many different ways. People are entitled to their own opinions. So, I suggest that you read the poem and write what you think. Here is my interpretation.

It seems that this person who is by the window sill captures a few moments of silence. He watches cars come back home, as birds do to their flocks. There is a sadness to this all, perhaps because this is what happens day after day. We do not know exactly the reason of his sadness yet. A potential clue is the word, "meaning." In other words, he would like to believe that there is meaning to these lives, but he cannot think further due to the noise of buses.

The basic point, in my opinion, is that we need some peace and stillness to find out the meaning of life.

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