American Born Chinese

by Gene Luen Yang

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I need help with an analytical essay on American Born Chinese.

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You could go in any number of interesting directions with an analytical essay on American Born Chinese. Here are a few ideas to get you started, and don't forget to support your thesis statement with evidence from the graphic novel.

1. A close examination of the ways in which Gene Luen Yang discusses Asian stereotypes through the character of Chin-Kee. You could start by asking yourself some questions about Chin-Kee: what stereotypes about Asians does Chin-Kee embody? How does Chin-Kee's dialogue emphasize Asian stereotypes? How are readers supposed to react to Chin-Kee, and do you think his over-the-top characteristics are meant to convey a message to readers? What might this message be? Why did Yang give him the name of Chin-Kee?

2. A character analysis of the Monkey King, through a psychological lens. What is his real story, and might his arrogance represent insecurity? Through his relationship with Wong Lai-Tsao, the Monkey King changes, and he literally transforms into Chin-Kee; what symbolic value does this transformation have and how does the transformation impact Danny/Jin? What do the Monkey King's shoes represent?

3. An analysis of Danny/Jin's treatment of Wei-Chen. What does Danny/Jin's meanness towards Wei-Chen tell you about the character of Danny/Jin? How are these two characters alike and how are they different? Does Danny/Jin's mistreatment of Wei-Chen have anything to do with Danny/Jin's experience being mistreated himself for being an American-born Chinese boy?

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