Need help on 10th grade math A builder chooses 4 inch venetian tiles and 16 inch venetian tiles. Describe how many  more tiles will the builder have to grout if he chooses the 4 inch tiles?

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To cover a certain area the builder needs x numbers of 4-in tiles and y numbers of 16-in tiles.

If he will only use the 4-in tiles he will need to replace y numbers of 16-in tiles with the 4-in tiles.

Then we need to know that total number of 4-in tiles in terms of x.

One 16-in tile covers area of 16*16 = 256 in^2

yOne 4-in tile covers 4*4 = 16 in^2

Then we need to find the number of 4-in tiles to cover area of 156 in^2

Then we will divide by 16.

==> 156/16 = 16

Then for each one 16-in tile, we need 16 4-in tiles to cover the area.

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