I need to have seven events from The View from Saturday that have Nadia in them.

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In Chapter 2, Nadia delights Mrs. Olinski "on the middle Monday in October." Nadia had been quiet and reserved during the first weeks of school, but on that day she spontaneously greets her teacher with a smile and says, 'Don't you think, Mrs. Olinski, that autumn is the most glorious time of year?'"

In Chapter 2, Nadia and her dog Ginger travel to Florida to spend August with her Dad, who has recently separated from her Mom. Nadia is unhappy about her parents' split, and finds it awkward to be with her father in this new situation.

Also in Chapter 2, Nadia works with Margaret Draper's turtle patrol to help a new crop of baby turtles survive. She is at first unwilling to take part, but gradually comes to realize that it is a worthwhile thing to give the turtles the "lift" that they need. Nadia identifies with the turtles; sometimes she too will need "a lift" in adjusting to her new family arrangements, as will her father.

Again in Chapter 2, Nadia attends The Phantom of the Opera with her father, Grandpa Izzy, Margaret, and Ethan Potter. Afterwards, she goes with the group to have ice-cream sundaes at the Rascal House.

In Chapter 3, Nadia attends the first Saturday tea held at Sillington House. Julian Singh, who hosts the tea with his father, invites Ethan and Noah Gershom as well. Nadia brings a present for Julian, a puppy named Alice. Alice is the offspring of Nadia's dog Ginger. The children make a game of helping Mr. Singh remove the wallpaper off one of the bedrooms, and Nadia wins. As her prize, she gets to give their group a name; the chooses The Souls.

In Chapter 4, Nadia auditions Ginger to play the part of Sandy in the school play, Annie. Ginger gets the part, proving Nadia's oft-repeated contention that "Ginger is a genius."

In Chapter 10, Nadia is part of the group, representing Epiphany School, that wins the Academic Bowl State Competition. Their victory is especially noteworthy because all the members of the team are sixth-graders, making them younger than most of their competitors. 

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