I need a good hook for my essay on Animal Farm, my thesis is: "The utopia of Animal Farm fails because of Squealer's propaganda, fearful animals, and blind followers." Any suggestions

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A good hook draws in the reader and compels him or her to continue reading your essay. One way to attract the reader's attention is to include a short anecdote, or story, at the beginning of your essay. For example, you could begin this essay with a story about something or somewhere that seemed utopian or perfect until its flaws were exposed. For example, did you attend a camp that seemed great until you found out that the counselors were cruel and the food was spoiled? You can come up with such an anecdote using your personal experience. You could also begin by asking a broad question along the lines of "Are utopias possible?" or "What lies behind the perfect appearance of an apparent utopia?" Another option is to begin with a vivid description, such as what a utopia might look like. You could then contrast this type of utopia with Animal Farm. These are just some of the options for beginning your essay. The idea is to capture the reader's attention before you introduce the overview of the book and your thesis. 

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