I need a good explanation of the purpose of a well-written resume and how to achieve this.

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Many young people face graduation, either from high school or college, without having the slightest idea of what sort of work they want to do for the rest of their lives. The one-sentence statement following the heading of "Career Objective" is extremely important, both to the applicant and to the interviewer. If the applicant appears to know what he or she wants and where he or she is going, it makes a favorable impression because it makes the applicant look like a motivated, ambitious self-starter, someone who will "take hold" if placed in the right position. At the same time, if the applicant has a clear objective he or she stands a much better chance of getting a more satisfying type of job with better opportunities for learning and advancement. Otherwise, there is a real possibility that the applicant will get picked up by some employer who may only want to exploit his or her youth and energy, who may not even be offering a salaried position, and who may actually be dishonest. So anyone who is creating a resume should give a lot of thought to that very important item--career objective. Most schools offer help in choosing careers and some even offer testing to tell students what careers they are best suited for. No doubt many schools offer good sample resumes along without career counseling. A resume is not carved in stone. You can make a rough draft today and keep changing it until you are completely satisfied with the product.

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I highly recommend that you do a search online for templates that you can use on your word processor, especially if you are entering a field that has a specific style of resume, like education. 

Some helpful things to include are:

  • Your Name--at the top in bold, larger font
  • Your contact information:  cell phone number and email address
  • Profile information--include information about your skill set, background, and work style
  • Objective--one sentence explanation of the type of job you are seeking
  • Work experience--put in order of most recent and significant to least recent.  Include any responsibilities, skills that were used in bullet point format
  • Education--put in order of most recent and significant. Include any honors, awards, achievements.
  • Community Service--(only if you have extra room or maybe not a lot of work experience) describe your contributions in terms of work performance.
  • References-- can be included at bottom, or put 'references available upon request.
  • Keep everything on one page!
  • Buy some nicer "resume" paper to print on from the office store.
  • Try to use as many 'power' verbs as possible that show you as an active leader on the job:  organized, managed, collaborated, assisted, implemented, focused, challenged, enacted.
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