i need a good conclusion for my geo project topic-Road transport in india  

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The conclusion of any presentation is your opportunity to summarize and review what you have done in the body of your work. This is your chance to emphasize the important points that you have presented.

Go back through your project and remind yourself of what you learned about road transport in India. What are the things you hope someone else could learn about this subject by reading your paper? If you used an outline to help you organize your information before you started writing your project, what were the main points of the outline? These are the pieces of information that need to be included in your conclusion.

After identifying what needs to be included, decide how these elements work together to support whatever end impression you want your project to create with your audience. Use that ending relationship to shape how you phrase your concluding paragraph. It doesn't need to be long, because you've already presented all your information. This is one final reminder of the most important parts and one final chance to show how they fit together to support whatever you want to communicate about your subject.