From To Kill a Mockingbird, I need ten quotes about Scout and Atticus that show their character traits.  

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It's unclear if you need ten quotes for each character, so here are five scenes for each to get you started. The quote you choose from each is up to you. I have used chapter references, rather than page numbers, because there are so many editions of the book.

Chapter Three:

Scout: She beats up Walter Cunningham in the schoolyard because he caused her to "get off on the wrong foot" with Miss Caroline. This shows Scout is tough, both mentally and physically.

Atticus: Atticus accepts Walter for lunch at their house after Jem has invited him and as Scout puts it, Atticus and Walter "talked together like two men." While Scout is judging Walter based on him being so poor, Atticus is not. He treats him  as an equal because that is his nature.

Chapter Five:

Scout: In this chapter Dill and Jem grow closer and Scout spends more time with Miss Maudie. Scout wants to be one of the boys - she is a tomboy - and by being left out of the group, she feels rejected. This shows that she is actually quite sensitive, despite her tough outer demeanor.

Atticus: He finds out about the Boo Radley game and tells the kids to stop their "nonsense." He understand that they were simply "putting his life's history on display for the edification of the neighborhood." By telling them to stop, he is showing the Radley's respect.

Chapter Nine:

Scout: Scout does not understand the weight of her words, or the words of others, just yet. She also does not yet understand the significance of the case her father has taken on. This shows her innocence.

Atticus: He explains to Scout that she is not allowed to use the "n-word" despite her classmates using it. He also says that Tom Robinson is a man who deserves a defense, just like anyone else. The scene where he explains all of this to Scout demonstrates that Atticus is fair.

Chapter Thirteen:

Scout: When Aunt Alexandra comes to stay we are reminded just how easily irritated Scout is. This is a trait we see in her throughout the book, but nothing brings out her dark side quite as fast as Aunt Alexandra, so this chapter is full of quotes.

Atticus: Atticus is a good/concerned father. He demonstrates this throughout the book, but in this chapter he has asked his sister, Alexandra, to come stay with the family. He knows that things are going to be hard for him and the family during the trial, and he wants all of the support for the kids that he can get.

Chapter Fifteen

In this chapter both characters show how brave they are, but for different reasons.

Scout: Scout and Jem go to the jail and watch the mob come up to Atticus. Knowing something is terribly wrong, and fearing for her father, Scout steps into the middle of her father and the mob. She ends up diffusing the situation and they are able to all go home safely. To step in between all of those men in those circumstances shows great bravery.

Atticus: He goes to the jail to guard Tom Robinson, knowing full well that a mob might be coming to pull him out of the jail and hurt him. He goes alone, and simply sits outside to keep watch. This is very brave of him.

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