I need a general statement, specific statement explaining the nature of Victor Frankenstein as a physician in to the story and a thesis statement.

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I'm not sure exactly what you need, but I will give this my best college try.  :)

Victor Frankenstein goes to medical school partly because he wants to find a way to keep people from dying (inspired by the death of his mother from the fever she caught as she nursed Elizabeth).  What he ends up doing is shirking his responsibility as a human being and the relationships he has with his family and friends in order to create life from a collection of dead cadavers he has stitched together.  In his mind, he felt what he was doing was right and beautiful.  He was driven by ambition and by the need to do something no one else had succeeded in doing yet--in other words, he wanted to be famous.

So, obviously, his intentions got skewed somewhere along the way.  After his creature comes to life, he realizes it is anything but beautiful and he runs away hoping the creature will die on its own and relieve Victor of responsibility.  This is not a very honorable thing for a doctor--a respected member of the community--to do.

Since Victor never truly graduates with a medical degree, we can't call him a physician.  He is a mad scientist, perhaps, but he does not deserve the title "doctor". 

From this you can come up with a thesis which will interest you throughout the writing of your paper.  Is he a physician at all? Does he live up to the title? What about the hippocratic oath? Would he be the target of many lawsuits today?

Good Luck!


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