I need fun facts for a New York in the 1600s Presentation! Help!!

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The 1600s were the period in which the Dutch first settled New York. Thus there are two groups you should discuss in your presentation, the Algonquin tribes who lived in the region and  the Dutch settlers. 

The main tribes in the region were the Lenape, who were considered the grandfathers or elders of the Algonquin natiopn, the tribes from whom all the others had originated. They were divided into the Wolf, Dog, and Turtle phratries, each of which were composed of 12 clans. For your presentation, you might display pictures of the Lenape in their traditional costumes, and tell their creation story in which the god Tantaque drew a tortoise who turned from a drawing into a real tortoise who gradually emerged from the surrounding ocean to become the dry land of the world. 

For the Dutch settlers, you might talk about the purchase in 1626 of Manhattan island for 60 guilders worth of trade goods. You might also talk about how smallpox decimated the Native American population. 

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