I need a full translation (into Modern English) of John Donne's famous poem "Death be not Proud."

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In this poem, John Donne addresses Death as a person, even capitalizing it in his poem. The big takeaway here is that a faithful Christian shouldn't be scared to die because in the end, he will spend an eternity with God.

The translation:

Death, don't be arrogant. Even though some people call you

Powerful and are afraid of you. You're neither.

As it turns out, the people you think you have ended

Aren't dead at all. Silly Death, you can't kill me, either.

Rest and sleep provide us with a glimpse of death.

These are actually pleasurable experiences, so dying will provide even more pleasure.

The bravest and most honorable people in society die

To find rest and so that their souls can return home.

You actually aren't in control and only exist because of the decisions of kings and desperate men—or because of sheer luck. Maybe even fate.

And you keep friends like poison, war, and sickness.

Drugs provide sleep, too.

And, actually, it's an even better sleep than death. Why do you think...

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