Can anyone please help make a sentence with: communion, delusion, infirmity and moping?  I need to frame a sentence.

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Sentence frames refer to the structure of a sentence.  Basically, you have a grammatically correct sentence and insert words where they properly fit.

In order to use your three words, you have to first know what they mean.  Communion is a conversation or bonding between people.  It can also refer to the Catholic ritual Holy Communion.  Delusion is a false idea, often equated with insanity or self-deceit.  Infirmity is a sickness or weakness.  Moping is pouting or feeling sorry for oneself and being depressed.

You can actually use all four in a sentence.

After moping around for three days, I decided that a communion with my best friend would give me the delusion that my infirmity was gone.

Basically, this sentence means that the person was depressed because he or she was sick, so he or she decided to forget about the illness by spending time with a good friend.

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