I need five objects to put in a "memory box" for Stephanie Crawford of To Kill a Mockingbird. All I have so far is Miss Maudie's Lane cake recipe.Any help would be amazing!

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I really love #3's idea. On the morning of the trial, I believe Miss Stephanie needs an excuse to go to town and says she is going to the beauty shop. Anything to represent that event would be useful. She is also the primary source of misinformation for Jem and Scout regarding Arthur Radley, so anything representative of her wild stories would work for you. Interesting assignment!

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Perhaps you could put in a newspaper clipping or two about the tumultuous trial of Tom Robinson or the attack on Jem that resulted in the death of Bob Ewell.  She was certainly keeping up on the events of the day in regards to all that was going on! 

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This is really an interesting assignment, especially so since Miss Stephanie Crawford is one of the minor characters of the novel. Miss Stephanie really doesn't divulge many of her own opinions about things during TKAM; the reader is never given a clear understanding of her likes and dislikes. Instead, she repeats gossip about others. Your first object for the memory box is a great one, since Miss Maudie carefully guards her secret recipe from Stephanie--mostly out of spite. Other suggestions:

  • The handkerchief that Atticus used to wipe Bob Ewell's tobacco-laden spittle from his face, since it was Stephanie who witnessed the confrontation and then told the whole town about it.
  • A photo (though, sadly, nonexistent) of Boo escorting Scout from the Finch home to the Radley porch at the end of the story.
  • Since it was Stephanie who first noticed Jem without his pants on the night of the disturbance at the Radley place, the pants--hemmed by Boo--would be a good choice.
  • A photo of Scout in a dress, since it was Miss Stephanie who said--after Scout told her she didn't want to be a lawyer, "just a lady"--that

"... you won't get very far until you start wearing dresses more often."

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I would like to think that someone like Miss Stephanie might have kept a diary about the real "goings-on" of Maycomb.  In the spirit of being a fly on the wall, I think a good entry might have been the one in which she recounted seeing Boo Radley at her bedroom window, staring at her as she slept.  I would love to read this entry, to see how she created this situation in her mind, and how she planned to tell her tale to the whole town.

So, while it is just a page out of her diary, it is a very telling one, indeed.