I need to find two quotes in chapter 7 from Into The Wild which prove that McCandless actually lives by his words or not.i'd like help very much, thank you-catherine

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

McCandless was completely focused on traveling to Alaska, and experience the wilderness independently.  He planned on leaving in April, and when Westerberg asked him to delay his departure to work a little longer, and even offered him a plane ticket to Alaska to save some time, McCandless refused, saying, "No, I want to hitch north.  Flying would be cheating.  It would wreck the whole trip".

Also, McCandless apparently believed, in agreement with writers such as Tolstoy and Thoreau, in the value of chastity and denouncing "the demands of the flesh".  Krakauer notes that he lived by this belief as well, saying, "it seems that McCandless was drawn to women but remained largely or entirely celibate, as chaste as a monk".