I need to find a real life example of an internal conflict that has been resolved constructively preferably or at least had some form of positive effect.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that you might want to look at how individuals in history have dealt with internal conflicts and the manner they approached in terms of seeking resolution.  A great example of this might be with President Obama.  In his memoir, Dreams from My Father, he deals with the conflicts that arise from race/ ethnicity. It is a very good study of how individuals must approach the internalized nature of social conflict and how one endures multiple emotions in such a process.  Obama details the internal difficulty in trying to understand how race/ ethnicity play a role in one's identity, even if one is not aware of it.  This helps to bring out how individuals have to approach conflicts on an internal level, even if they are socially based.  Obama never asked to be involved into the discourse on race and ethnicity as a child and as an adolescent.  Yet, it was something that he was forced to reckon with on an individual level because it impacted his sense of being in the world.  It might be interesting for you to examine through the book how he approached this internal conflict and how he sought to resolve it constructively into the sense of identity he holds as an older person today.