I need to find an illustrated timeline of the events from The Crucible.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am very interested if you can “find” this timeline.  You might have to create this yourself.  I sense two fundamental challenges in the task.  The first would be to narrow yourself to what you consider to be “important” elements in the story.  If there is a fixed number that has to be followed, what that number would be and how you would progress from here would be essential.  There are some absolutes that have to be included in such a configuration.  The girls’ dancing in the woods, Abigail telling the girls in the first scene that they are going to stick to the story of witchcraft, Proctor and Abigail sharing their moment where she confesses that everything is fabricated, as well as Elizabeth’s arrest, and the trial itself, along with Proctor’s confession and then recanting it would seem to me elements of the plot that have to be included.  By no way would this be the end, but I think that it’s a starting point.  The second point that needs to be addressed is how you will represent the timeline.  What form will it take that might be able to convey some type of knowledge about the work?  For example, how can the shape or design of the timeline have relevance to the drama?  I think that this might be a part of the calculation needed to make this project work to the highest level that it can.