I need to find "fury" as a theme across several genres-- specifically poetry, short stories, classical music, and classic art.  Do you know of any examples?

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wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I’ve been thinking about your project, and discover that the problem is the word “fury,” usually associated with an uncontrolled human emotion of anger or injustice; the very depiction, however, implies a control.  Faulkner’s novel Sound and Fury should fit, but is so seminal and controlled in the writing that it is hard to fit it into that description.  In music, such pieces as “Night on Bald Mountain” (Mussorgsky ) or any of the Wagner operas should supply some “furious” emotions.  Poetry is difficult, as the poet is virtually in control of his emotions “recollected in tranquility.”  Perhaps a novel in which a dog is a major figure would contain passages in which animal fury could be demonstrated.  Finally, there is the “fury” of righteous indignation, as in protest literature.  In the final analysis, art and literature, which should contain “a rage for chaos,” are too controlled to demonstrate fury—anger, perhaps (“Twelve Angry Men”) but fury?  Very difficult.  In art, some of the war paintings like "Guernica" may depict "fury", as in the Spanish Civil War depiction of executions.  Goya's prints, too, showing atrocities of war, may suit.