What are some literary devices used in Paz's "As One Listens to the Rain" and "Summit and Gravity" that support the main theme of each poem? I need to explicate the poems to support the main themes of each poem.

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In "As One Listens to the Rain," Octavio Paz uses imagery and personification to highlight the closeness of the narrator to nature. He uses the imperative voice sometimes, urging the reader to listen to the rain or to pay attention to the nocturnal landscape that he describing, thus also drawing the reader closer to nature. The poem urges one to listen to the rain as if the rain is capable of saying things; this imbues nature with an almost human quality. In the line “your fingers of water dampen my forehead," the poet personifies the rain, thus highlighting the idea that the rain is something animate.

In "Summit and Gravity," Paz uses...

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