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I need to explain this sonnet by John Milton: "To the Lord General Cromwell, May 1652."

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John Milton's poem, "To the Lord General Cromwell, May 1652" is a poem of praise for the Puritan leader who ruled England for several years after the insurrection that removed Charles I of England (and the monarch) until the Restoration of the monarchy (Charles II) to the throne.

Charles I had been extravagant with the funds, indicating that he was more concerned for himself than the well-being of England. The Puritan army defeated the Royalist army (of Charles I) in the English Civil War. Cromwell, a Puritan leader, oversaw the business of running England during part of the Protectorate. It lasted for nine years (though Cromwell ruled for only five, until his death). The loss of Cromwell sent the state of England into chaos; Charles II was able to return to the throne.

Cromwell was a man of God. He was not connected to a specific religious group, and advocated religious tolerance.

John Milton was also a religious man, and his poem is one of praise and admiration. He saw the Parliamentary...

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