Animal Farm Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

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What are some examples of propaganda in "Animal Farm" and the Russian Revolution?

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One of the foundations of propaganda is convincing people of things that might not be generally true. Don't get me wrong, propaganda can happen for good, but it's rare.

In Chapter 7, Squealer reports on Snowball's disappearance. The narration of the text always honestly reports and uses words like rumor. But when squealer speaks he reports Snowball's actions as fact. The problem here is that no one sees Snowball doing these things, they just believe Squealer and take him at his word.

The same is true with the Bosheviks. They reported on the ill ways of past regimes not seeing that they themselves were creating a new regime that did the same things as the past. Reporting that things were different made people think it was different, even though it wasn't different. Got that?


I checked out that link the previous editor posted... good stuff. In addition check out a chapter summary and analysis for chapter 7.


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In Animal Farm, there is plenty of propaganda.  Pretty much anything that Squealer says is one kind of propaganda or another.  All of the slogans that they chant are propaganda (all slogans are propaganda) -- like "Four legs good, two legs bad."  It is propaganda when Squealer asks them to think about whether it would be better to have Farmer Jones back.  It is propaganda when he reads them the production statistics to show that they are better off.  So basically, anything that is meant to convince the animals to support Napoleon is propaganda.

The Bolsheviks used plenty of propaganda too.  They had slogans like "Peace, Bread, Land."  They named their newspaper "Pravda" meaning "Truth."  Please follow the link below for some posters they used.

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