I need the exact location list of Victor trips even if they repeat....he goes places at least 16 times....can any one help??? im desparate!!!

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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let's see:

Victor begins in the Artic Ocean near Russia and ends there since the entire story is told to Robert Walton aboard his ship.

Victor begins his story in Geneva.

He leaves for university in Ingolstadt.

He returns to Geneva and his home in Belrive.

He wanders around in the mountains and lakes surrounding this region--the valley of Chamounix the Alpine valleys, the ravine of Arve, Mont Blanc.  This is where he encounters the creature and speaks at length with him.

He returns to Geneva and contemplates his agreement to create a female companion for the creature.

Victor leaves for England. They travel on the Rhine--they stayed at Manheim, Mayence, Cologne, and finally in London.

They went from London to Windsor, then to Oxford.  They left Oxford to go to Matlock then to Cumberland and Westmorland. Edinburgh was next, then Perth.  Victor leaves Henry here to go on to Scotland where he rents a cottage on one of the Orkneys.

Victor ends up in Ireland where he is told of Henry's death.  Victor leaves Ireland to return to Geneva by way of Paris. They arrive in Geneva where Victor and Elizabeth are married. They journey by water to Evian. Elizabeth dies, V. returns to Geneva. He then wanders following the creature: Rhone, Black Sea, Tartary, Russia, northward to the frozen sea.

I hope this helps!  If you have time, I would love to know the original assignment for which you need this information.  Sounds interesting!



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