I need an essay proving a point for the two doors in The Lady or the Tiger.    

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What lies at the heart of a woman? This is a question that has tempted many a person to try to find the answer. The Lady and the Tiger is such a story that asks this question. The short story sets up quite an intriguing story and leaves the reader asking some tough questions.

In a long ago time, there lived a semi-barbaric king. He finds a unique way to handle some of the men accused of crimes. The accused man will stand in front of two doors. He must choose a door. Behind one door is a beautiful young woman. If he chooses this door, he will have the woman and marry her on the spot. If, by chance, he chooses the other door, what awaits him is a very hungry tiger. If he chooses that door, the tiger will pounce on him and kill him. The king finds joy in this activity. 

"The semi-barbaric king had a daughter as blooming as his most florid fancies, and with a soul as fervent and imperious as his own" this quote sets up the pivotal turning point in the story. She has begun a love affair with a man who is way below her status. The king decides he is perfect for the arena. When the day comes, the princess is waiting with her father. The king doesn't even know what is waiting behind which door. The princess made sure she knows. The man looks at her and she slightly signals towards the right door. He goes and opens it. This is where the author is so creative. Which came out? The author never tells us. Let's take a look at why either door could be the choice of the princess.

If by chance she sent him to the door with the woman waiting behind it, she would lose him to...

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