I need to do a documentary about floor in construction.I need to do a documentary about floor in construction.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is fascinating.  I think you have two areas to address.  The first is regarding topic.  What kind of floor will be the focus in your documentary?  As there are different types, where will your focus lie?  The second issue is what about floors are you going to be analyzing?  Types, material, actual putting down, upkeep?  I think there is so much here to harvest in a documentary that you will have to engage in some redefinition of the topic.

The documentary form is also fascinating.  How are you going to be filming it?  Will it be with narration or simply third person objective, without narration?  I have seen many documentaries utilize both very well (See Morris' The Fog of War.)  Additionally, who will be interviewed?  What do you plan on showing through this process?  What footage will be used?  How will it be used?  Documentaries are liberating in terms of the medium of film because the filmmaker decides how they want their topic to be covered and because of that, there is so much upon which  to reflect even before the camera begins to film. The other reason it is an amazing genre in film is that it makes what might be deemed as unimportant as something revolutionary and larger than life. The documentary transforms how we see things and how we view our reality.   I look forward to hearing more about this.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Is your documentary focusing on how floors are made, or how they are installed into homes or buildings? I think it might be fascinating to explore new innovations in flooring, such as bamboo and engineered wood, and potential future flooring innovations.
giorgiana1976 | Student

Floors in the building - floors are horizontal or inclined building elements which act as vertical subdivision of buildings and on buildings with roof terrace, floor last level is the construction of elements which close at the top. Floors are load-bearing elements which, within a building, perform the following functions:

- Override permanent incumbent from their weight, from the weight of floors, ceilings and non-bearing separating walls , as well as useful loads appropriate to the destination of rooms (weight of people, furniture, machines, etc.);

- Transmit over loads to the vertical load bearing elements on which they are supporting;

- Provide sound insulation between rooms located upstairs bunk, because of their mass or their constructive elements;

- Contribute to the thermal insulation of the rooms, depending on thermal characteristics of materials incorporated into the floor and depending on its thickness. 


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