What are the products in the image and will they be purchased by individuals or businesses or maybe by both? Where would each be sold and what sort of customer would buy them?

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The products shown in the pictures are a luxury car, a heavy hauler, a mobile phone and a chili pepper.

The luxury car is most likely to be purchased by a private individual. The primary market for the heavy hauler would be businesses. The mobile phone is most likely meant to be purchased by private individuals. The chili pepper is also more likely to be purchased by an individual. A private individual is not likely to buy the heavy hauler. All the other products could have buyers that are private individuals as well as business. For example, the luxury car could be bought by an agency operating cars that are lent out to customers. Mobile phones could be provided by businesses to their employees for communication requirements related to their jobs. Chili peppers are widely used in the recipe of many food products, and any business producing them would require a large amount of the peppers.

To buy the luxury car the buyer would need to visit a company showroom. A heavy hauler too would have to be directly bought from authorized sellers designated by the manufacturer. The type of mobile phone shown is available in almost every supermarket and electronics store. A chili pepper could be bought from the local grocer in small amounts and if a larger quantity is required a buyer could visit a wholesale market or get in touch with the farmer growing them.

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