I need to  discuss theatre development in America during the 18th century WITHOUT including information about the costume, scenic, and lighting practices  Its drama and theatre-not sure whether to post under History or Drama? I already have information about lighting, costumes and scenery.

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You might begin by giving a history of the actual theaters known to have produced plays in the 18th century American colonies, such as the theater built in Williamsburg in 1716, the one in New York in 1732, and the 1736 opening of a theater in Dock Street, Charleston, S.C. You might also consider individual performances such as the Hallams' 1752 production of The Merchant of Venice at Williamsburg and the Thomas Kean version of Richard III, first performed in Williamsburg, and then in 1750 at First Nassau Street Theatre in New York.

Another area worth covering is the laws prohibiting theatrical performances, as these laws are an important part of theater history. These include prohibitions against theatrical plays in Pennsylvania in 1759, Rhode Island in 1761, and New Hampshire in 1762.

Another area to cover would be the gradual change from travelling British companies to the growth of indigenous American theatre.

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