I need to develop a topic for my language exam involving a common theme among several works of twentieth century literature. The idea is to relate a main themes of 3 books selected from: First among Equals, Sons and Lovers, The Murder of Rodger Ackroyd or Blithe Spirit. What do you think could be this main subject to be developed regarding at least three of these books?

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As you attempt to choose a topic, part of what you want to consider is where your main interests and strengths of a writer lie. One possibility is social history. You could examine how social customs have changed over the period (almost a century) spanned by these works. Another major theme is gender relationships, especially looking at how power interacts with gender and romantic themes. Another thematic choice would be class. All of these stories deal primarily with the upper middle and upper classes; you might look at how lower classes are portrayed and how their literary marginalization reflects the limits of their cultural and economic power in Britain. Finally, you could examine literary technique, especially how (despite the overt treatment of sexuality in Lawrence) these are all in terms of literary technique, very traditional works, showing few of the innovations of literary modernism,.

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