I need a detailed introduction of the book THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER by MARK TWAIN You can include details like the names of the main characters, the book and the author, the date of publication and so on.  

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is about a young boy who cares more about adventures than school.  It was published by Samuel Clements under the name of Mark Twain in 1876. 

The main character, Tom, is a playful child who does not like to sit still but is intelligent and enjoys adventures.  He is constantly scheming to avoid work, and hangs out with the local juvenile pariah, Huck Finn.  He lives with his Aunt Polly and his brother Sid.

The book is jolly good fun, and mostly a series of adventures and misadventures for young Tom.  Then things get a little serious when the villain Injun Joe targets Tom after he witnesses a murder, and he gets lost in a cave looking for treasure.

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