I need a detailed explanation on the plot summary of this novel. Thank you

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This novel is number 6 in The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. Although it is 6 of 7, it is a prequel. That means, it goes back to explain how Narnia all got started. In this novel, two children named Digory and Polly are transported into the alternate world of Narnia due to a series of events caused by Digory’s Uncle Andrew and his experiments. Digory, it turns out, grows up to become the Professor Kirke of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, so in this story, it tells the history of the “wardrobe” as a portal for entry into the land of Narnia. This story also explains how the evil queen Jadis got started in Narnia.

Digory’s mother is very sick. Digory meets Polly while playing. They decide to explore an attic that connects their two houses, but come upon Uncle Andrew, who tricks Polly into touching his magic ring. She disappears. Uncle Andrew manipulates Digory into saving Polly. Digory gets another magic ring which transports him to another world. He meets up with Polly and they realize that their yellow rings have transported them to this alternate world. Digory thinks they can have a great adventure, so he convinces Polly to go with him and explore other worlds before returning to earth. They mark the pool that will lead them back to earth, and depart on their adventures.

The two children discover an old palace with statues everywhere. There is a bell that dares them to ring it. Bad idea. The statues come to life and the worst one is Queen Jadis. She tells them the history of Narnia, her war with her sister and how she has come to be queen over a dead world. The children escape back to London, but Jadis comes with them. The children finally get Jadis to go back to the alternate world, but they are sucked back in themselves, along with Uncle Andrew and his horse. They come upon a newly created world and hear singing. A great lion, Aslan, appears and breathes life into the world. Jadis attacks Aslan, but she cannot defeat him. She runs away.  Aslan sends Digory to get a magic apple with amazing powers but he finds Jadis. She has already eaten one of the apples which give her eternal youth and make her skin and hair snow white. She tries to tempt Digory into stealing a magic apple to cure his mother, but he believes his mother would not want to be healed by something that he has stolen, so he refuses. This pleases Aslan and he tells Digory to plant the apple, which grows into a tree. He gives Digory one apple to bring back to London to cure his mother. Digory cures his mother and plants the apple core in his backyard. He also buries the magic rings. The apple grows into a tree which is blown down by a storm many years later. By then, Digory is grown up. Guess what he builds out of the wood from the apple tree? Right! The WARDROBE. Digory is the old professor to whose home the Pevensie children go to escape the bombing in London, and the rest is history. You must read this book because I have left out a ton of stuff due to word restrictions.

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