I need a detailed conclusion on metaphysical poetry.

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Metaphysical poets, to take the early English poet John Donne as an example, weave very abstract philosophical questions into their poetry. This has came to be called 'metaphysical poetry.' That is not to say their poems are not still beautiful which is why John Donne is such a marvellous example - he uses rich symbolism and imagery in his poems too, which makes them exquisite. It is the marrying of the metaphysical and the imagery for example in the poem 'The Flea' which makes it so stunning. Metaphysical poetry deals which subjects such as Cause and Effect, the purpose of existence,searching for truth,matter and time. John Donne was able to make these subjects interesting through his clever ideas and witty ways of saying things. he used the philosophical concepts to turn an argument.

marpeare | Student
Hi This is based on the notes given by my professor. It tells about some of the features of meta-physical poetry with respect to Donne 1.colloquial voice 2. argument 3.metaphysical conceits(functional and far-fetched) 4.free use of rhythm and accent 5.false logic 6.pun on words 7.highly subjective