I need a detailed paragraph of everything that happend in Calpurnia's dream in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.

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Susan Hurn eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Act II of the play Calpurnia begs Caesar to stay home from the Roman Senate. Terrible and supernatural events have happened in Rome during the stormy night, and Calpurnia has had a disturbing dream. During her dream Caesar heard her three times call  out, "Help! Ho! they murder Caesar!"

The content of Calpurnia's dream, as Caesar explains it to Decius who has come to take him to the Senate, is a terrifying image. She sees a statue of Caesar bleeding from many sources, with the blood flowing freely like a fountain with many spouts. In her dream, "many lusty Romans / Came smiling and did bathe their hands in [Caesar's blood]." Calpurnia's dream foreshadows Caesar's assassination a few hours later in the Roman Senate.


aimenkhan | Student

When Calphurnia cries out 'Help, Ho! They murder Caesar!' in the middle of the night, it begins to worry Caesar. Calphurnia's pleads and begs Caesar to stay home as in her dream she saw Caesar being murdered. 'I never stood on ceromonies, yet now they fright me' Calphurnia says, extremely worried about the safety and well-being of her husband. She mentions some of the bizzare super natural elements that she had seen, such as a linoess giving birth on the street. Caesar does not get convinced to stay home and not go to the Capitol, however he does tell the priest to sacrifice an animal and see what outcome it has as Calphurnia has brought out his superstitious side. He tells Calphurnia that whatever is meant to happen will happen and that whatever the Gods have planned cannot be avoided or ignored. But the more that Calphurnia begs, he gets convinced and decides to stay home. Decius, who is part of those who are scheming against Caesar, comes in order to take Caesar to the Senate. When Caesar informs Decius to tell the Senate that he will not be coming because he is unwell, Decius asks what is wrong. Caesar explains Calphurnia's horrid dream to him. He tells him that she saw a statue of Caesar with gashes and blood pouring out of it while Romans bathed in it. Decius goes on and flatters Caesar to such an extent that he changes his mind and decides to go to the Capitol. Decius interprets Calphurnia's dream to Caesar's satisfaction and says that the blood pouring out is a symbol of power and that the Roman's bathe in his blood because they get strength from it. The dramatist highlights the major hamatia in man which is how easily ones judgement can be clouded through flattery. Caesar then goes to the Senate.

almillionare | Student

Caesar is stirred when thrice in the night, Calphurnia crys, "Help , ho! They murder Caesar!"  So far Caesar is not convinced to stay home.  Caesar orders his priest to sacrafice an animal for he is supersticious right now.  When Calphurnia awakes she tells him of her dream.  A statue with a hundred pores ( knife stabs) with blood gushing out of them.  With lusty Romans bathing in it in rejoice.  Later Decius Brutus contradicts the dream when in truth, those Romans were the conspirators. 

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