I need a criticism of The Enchanted Doll.what is the theme of the story?  

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The short story 'The Enchanted Doll' by Paul Gallico deals with the theme of love and how all human beings need it. Without the ability to give and receive love we will be diminished - or souls withering and dying like flowers that are denied nourishment, warmth and water.

Another theme is the idea of enchantment, or being put under a spell by something - in this case Essie's cousin Rose Callamit.Both physical and emotional disability are themes. She is emotionally stunted and unable to socialise or even go out to meet others because of the constant under-mining of self-esteem in regard to her personal worth and her lameness. Another theme is then introduced - the theme of company or imaginary friends - in this case dolls. She finds an emotional outlet with them because she can find no other. Death is then represented as Essie's creations (or 'children') are removed, being sold. Love however returns as a theme - it's redeeming and saving power is demonstrated when Essie realises she herself Is lovable after all.

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