I need to create a visual image of the word "Dislike"

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is an interesting project. Here are a few suggestions. Keep in mind that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, if this project is done well, you will really underline the idea of dislike. 

First, look up the word in a dictionary, so that you get a good sense of the word dislike. Part of the definition has the idea of hostility, antipathy, and aversion. They should create visual images. 

Second, I would say do a google image search with these words to give you an idea of how others see the word dislike. A quick search on my part yields images of thumbs down, a tongue sticking out, and the like. 

Third, be aware of your immediate social context. Ask people you know what they dislike or have an aversion towards. By asking this question, you project will be more poignant.

Finally, keep in mind that universals are hard to come by. However, if you are able to hit upon an archetype of dislike or something even close to it, it would it be more powerful.  

mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You may also wish to search through archives of historical photos, especially of presidents of the US with foreign rulers who did not get along. But, also there are rulers who were at odds with their own country's leaders.

One such photo that displays dislike is that of Russian Premier Leonid Breznev, who had disdain for many and who organized an insider coup against his longtime patron, Khrushchev.

See the link below.

texasgals2 | Student

Thank you for your reply, it is very helpful.

arteducator9 | Student

Everyone has things, places, foods, and people they dislike.  If you want the viewer to question your response, add things that would pose a question in their mind.  Create an image that will get them thinking about their own choices.  Create an image that shows them the surface of their thought.  For example, a juicy steak.  The steak may be liked by many; however, you don't like the inhumane treatments of the path that brought the steak to the grille.  shoes, clothing, air quality, etc. would make for good representations.  Hope this helped.

poeticgarden | Student

I tend to think in terms of deeper meaning or symbolism.  My approach would be first to brainstorm (list) all the words that come to mind when you are thinking of the meaning of "dislike".  Remember with brainstorming, you are just free thinking no words should be eliminated.

Next I would determine whether your brainstorming yielded any images that pop out at you.

If not, brain storm tangible things that define Dislike. These could be things that you dislike (for instance perhaps turnips), or symbolic images of dislike (thumbs down).

After all of this, you need to determine if your image is to be large in scope or simplistic.  Is it for an icon for instance or more of a creative art expression?  Is it to be personal or broad in nature? (Something that everyone will look at and think of the word "dislike" or just invoke that feeling/response for you personally?)

For instance, for me, some images that come to mind or mixing paint together to get a mucky "color" something that is not appealing to me visually.  Maybe using this color to then create images of things I dislike (anger, sadness, trash, pollution, etc.) When I look at these words of things I dislike, I may also find symbols that represent those words and incorporate those into my design.

Brainstorming is always a great way to get the creative process flowing.  Good luck!

eli468 | Student

If your project is just to show the common ways of showing dislike, one idea could be to put those together into a bigger format. Draw multiple people with different looks on their faces that all show an expression of dislike in one way or another. If it is for a personal version of showing what you dislike I'd recommend finding many things you dislike and incorporating them into one smooth picture. 

An example could be someone who doesn't like trash on the ground, gloomy days, going to detention and maybe someone tapping their pen. This could be put together in an image of a person sitting in detention looking out of the window to see the poor weather, trash on the floor and another person in the detention room vehemently tapping their pen on a desk.

If you only need to do a visual collage then I'd recommend what "readerofbooks" suggested. Hope this can help!

You could draw a person that dislikes another person. You could also think of the things you dislike and draw them, whichever picture turns out the best is the one you should use.