I need to create a Macbeth soundtrack, and I need a song for Act 3.  If you can think of any songs, please give a quick description. It can be for any scene except for scene 4, because I already used a song for that scene (and I need two for each act). Thank you!!

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I would take a song that focuses on the larger presence of the witches.  Their role and the addition of Hecate, as well as the presence of Banquo's ghost begins to add a more supernatural element to the play because the convergence of these forces along with Macbeth's own sins coming home to roost helps to create a setting that is more along the lines of "Black Magic."  With this in mind, I like Santana's "Black Magic Woman."  The lyrics could easily apply to the witches or to even Lady Macbeth.  Yet, the guitar closing at the end of the story helps to bring the sense of a moral abyss that is emerging throughout the act and play at this point.  It would help to create the feeling that control is being lost as there is a descent into moral depravity.

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Let me start off by saying that, as much as I like Verdi's Macbeth, even that great piece of music is mostly too sweet for me. Yes, the witches get a bit nasty and there is real darkness in the writing for Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, but most of the music for the opera is pretty.

I see Macbeth as bloody, murky, muddy, nasty and scary. As good and apt as the suggestions by mstultz72 are, nothing I know of in popular music comes close to the necessary feeling. But, in the world of classical music there are some pieces, or at least parts of pieces that have the specific qualities of fear and darkness. Here are some that at least come close... give them a try. I've listed them in order of effectiveness:

Concerto for Orchestra Movement III. Elegia

Bela Bartok


Philip Glass

Night on Bare Mountain

Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky

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Act III is a turning point.  Macbeth's taste for blood worsens.  "Blood, they say, will have blood."  Macbeth consults the murderers.  They kill Banquo, Macbeth's best friend, but not his son.  Fleance flees on horseback.  Hecate and the witches plot Macbeth's fate.  McDuff and Malcolm loom as Macbeth's nemeses.

Some suggestion for your Macbeth Act III soundtrack:

"If You Want Blood, You Got It" - AC/DC

"Shopping for Blood" - Franz Ferdinand

"We Suck Young Blood" - Radiohead

"My Best Friend" - Weezer

"Wild Horses" - The Rolling Stones

"Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses" - U2

"Witchy Woman" - The Eagles

"This is England" - The Clash

"Murder by Number" - The Police

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