I need to create a dream sequence involving two of the characters(Nick/Jordan or Daisy/Gatsby), and one of the characters must be the dreamer.The Great Gatsby The dream should begin with the...

I need to create a dream sequence involving two of the characters(Nick/Jordan or Daisy/Gatsby), and one of the characters must be the dreamer.

The Great Gatsby

The dream should begin with the dreamer alone, interacting in some way with inanimate objects. These may be things he or she can pick up and handle , or they may be part of the setting.

The other character should then enter the dream and interact with the dreaming character and perhaps also with the dream objects.  There should be no dialogue, just action and this action should be dreamlike, perhaps discontinuous, or physically impossible (a chracter may change size, fly, change shape, and so on).

After describing the dream, explain it showing what it reveals about the central character and about his or her attitude toword the other character in the dream.

Please help me to do this. (example or ideas will be good too)

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We cannot do your assignment for you, but we can help give you some ideas so that you can do it yourself.

What do you think about the idea of choosing Nick and Jordan? There is so much written about Gatsby, Daisy and Nick in the novel, but not a great deal about Jordan, so why not make Jordan the dreamer? This would give you a chance to get creative. Look up information about her character here on enotes to help you with what she might be dreaming about. You know that she was sort of stuck-up and impressed with herself, so her daydream could include looking at herself in the mirror in Daisy's house and wondering how her golf outfit looks, does it show off her slender figure, will Nick think she looks cute, things like that. We also learn from the novel that there has been some controversy regarding her cheating at golf, so perhaps you could include this in the daydream. You could have Jordan pick up a golf club from someplace in the room where she left it, look at it and frown, have her throw it down. The golf club could magically get back up and fly back into her hand, and the more she tries to throw it down, the more it comes back - or, it could grow into a huge golf club, symbolizing the importance of golf in her life - something like that.

We know that Jordan likes Nick, but she doesn't go overboard in trying to throw herself at him, most likely because she thinks he might be fun to date but not to get serious about because he is beneath her in class, so she could think some things along those lines. You could describe what she is thinking without using dialogue, i.e. Jordan imagined that Nick would be fun to go out with. He was  handsome, but what if he got serious. Jordan wondered what she would say if Nick wanted to marry her. She knew she could never have that. Nick did not have enough money. She could be picking up objects in Daisy's house that represent richness - the golden candlesticks, the fancy table linen, etc., while she is thinking about how poor but handsome Nick is.

Now, when Nick enters the dream, you can take it from there. Nick could also handle the rich items and look at them with disdain, thinking how wasteful it is to spend money on such things. He, too, could pick up the golf club and then -- ahaha! He remembers what he has heard about Jordan's cheating.

I'll bet some other teachers can give you some other suggestions and you can pick the one you like the best.

mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This would be on the macabre side, but George Wilson at one point tells the others, "God is watching you" alluding to the billboard of Dr. T. J. Eckleberg.  Perhaps you could create a dream scene with George after Mrytle's death in which he stares at this billboard and Dr. T. J. Eckleberg, with his omniscient eyes, tells George who has killed his wife.  George, then, can hallucinate and dream that the giant eyes show him the path to the murderer and he and Gatsby struggle in this dream that later becomes a reality.

accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am thinking more along the lines of Daisy and Jay Gatsby with Gatsby starting off in the dream and then Daisy coming in to join him. I think one of the adjectives that best describes Daisy from Gatsby's perspective is "aloof," and so maybe this can be reflected in the dream. She is the sparkling prize that he has given everything up for, and yet she is fickle and wilful. Perhaps Gatsby can be pictured looking up at her and not being able to reach her or catch her attention.

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