Frankenstein Questions and Answers
by Mary Shelley

Frankenstein book cover
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I need the conclusion of Frankenstein.

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Victor Frankenstein and the monster meet in the cemetery.  Frankenstein vows to avenge the deaths of William, Alphonse and Elizabeth.  He looks up to see the monster, who followed him there and says he is pleased to see him suffering.  Victor continues to look for the creature, finding himself on a ship where he meets Walton.  Frankenstein vowed to get revenge and chase the monster to the ends of the Earth, and Walton has taken up the same promise but his ship is stuck in the ice. 

Victor dies regretting what he has done.  Walton writes a letter telling his sister that Frankenstein asked Walton to seek peace instead of obsession.  Interestingly enough, the monster enters the cabin and finds Frankenstein’s body.  The monster mourns Frankenstein’s death, telling Walton that he was conceived in misery and never intended to kill.  He is what Frankenstein made him, and he will forever suffer.  The monster then leaves, going out over the ice never to be seen again.

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