I need a concept for a painting and drawing on history and steoreotypes, what would be good angles on steoreotypes to do my research on?

hopcom5 | Student
Well, that depends on where your interests lie. Thus, the questions to ask yourself is what is important to me? What kind of change (political, social, economic, etc.) would I like my work to defend or support? What would be my message or stance on the issue? Until you answer questions like this it will be difficult to narrow down to one stereotype or, even, using the idea of stereotyping. Try to think of something (issues, laws, etc.) that moves you whether positive or negative (I find it easier to create when i'm ticked off). Then look for streotypes and examine how the effect the issue. For example, I am obsessed with the depiction of the female body in American literature and how it perpetuates an idealized representation of women. From that I decided to start viewing/reading pre and post-colonial novels, etc. Which lead me to looking at, specifically the female slave. In turn that led me to one of the most universally known stereitypes of the Mammy (like on the pancake box or in "Gone With The Wind. Hope this helps.