I need to compose "The Sirens" that is personalized to my dream, which is to major aviation in college and become an airline pilot in 4 stanzas of at least 4 lines. Please show me the example.

Expert Answers
yscorse eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It sounds like the assignment you're describing is to compose a poem about your personal goals using the mythical sirens as a motif. 

The sirens of the Odyssey and Greek myth were creatures often described as part woman part bird. With their alluring song, they shipwrecked sailors on their rocky island. When Odysseus encounters the sirens in Homer's Odyssey, he is curious about their song. He instructs his crew to stop up their own ears with beeswax, so they will be unaffected while he is tied to the mast of the ship. This way, Odysseus will not be able to act upon the siren's call. 

I suggest pre-writing ideas for your poem by listing those "siren songs" that could possibly distract you from your ultimate goal of majoring in aviation in college. A possible organizational strategy could be to make each stanza a distinct siren call that could tempt you away from your dream. You could also imagine what form these sirens would take. For example, a siren call could be lack of focus or your own inner voice that doesn't want to risk failure. 

You should also consider the point of view you would like to write from. You could write from the perspective of the siren(s) or from your own point of view. You could also think about the time frame you'd like to write from. Are you imagining the siren calls that could come in the future, currently trying to block out their song, or thinking back on the siren calls that threatened to throw you off course?