I need to choose 10 objects or items that are symbolic of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, and explain how they are symbolic and why they relate to the novel. They need to have meaningful connections to the book.

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1. Atticus's glasses represent many things. In the beginning, they are a source of shame and a sign of physical weakness for Scout, who is embarrassed that her father isn't as athletic as the younger dads in town. However, they represent his intelligence and wisdom as well, which is far more important than Scout's superficial concerns.

2. The items Boo Radley leaves in the tree represent both his affection for the Finch kids and how goodness can come from unexpected places (both in the tree and from one as strange as Boo).

3. The mockingbird is both a symbol of innocence and a double for Tom Robinson. Atticus says it's wrong to kill a mockingbird since all they do is sing, not harm others. Similarly, all Tom wanted to do was help Mayella, but by trying to help her, he is framed for rape and ultimately killed.

4. Boo Radley is himself a symbol of how prejudiced attitudes can obscure a person's true qualities. Boo is rumored to be a violent killer, when he is actually kind and gentle. Though Scout...

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