Who are the main characters in Arrow of God, and what role did they play in the story?

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Chinua Achebe’s Arrow of God details the coming of the British colonists to Nigeria as well as the cultural and political events that followed. Ezeulu, who is the Ulu’s chief priest and the protagonist, is the custodian of the people’s rituals and traditions. To signify the start of a fresh month, he beats the ogene and feeds on a sacred yam. The flashback at the start of the story establishes the novel’s structure and explains the conflict between Nwaka and Ezeulu. Essentially, the cause of the disagreement is a land dispute between two neighboring villages, Okperi and Umuaro. Akukalia, a representative from Umuaro village, is killed by the Okperi people as he attempts to announce a war between the Okperi and the Umuaro, which triggers an open conflict. It takes the efforts of the District Officer named Captain T.K. Winterbottom to stop the fight. Goodcountry is the head of the white missionaries. Ezeulu sends one of his sons, Oduche , to the mission place so that he can learn from the...

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