I need character traits for Scout, Jem, Dill, Boo, Cal, Tom, Heck Tate, and Bob Ewell in "To Kill a Mockingbird".

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Usually dressed in overalls, Scout is a tomboy, honest and pragmatic; she sees things as they are and tells it like it is.

Jem is fun-loving and creative, and generally kind to his sister Scout.  He is also respectful and developing in maturity and integrity; when he disobeys Atticus and loses his pants, it is of supreme importance for him to rectify the situation so his father will not think ill of him.

Dill is imaginative and mischievous, the catalyst behind many of Scout and Jem's more questionable adventures, and Boo Radley is shy and reclusive but also kind, always looking out for the kids even as they try to invade his privacy, returning Jem's pants folded neatly and saving Scout from the real danger of Bob Ewell.

Calpurnia is a strong, loving character who shows the children right and wrong like a mother would.  She takes them to her church, teaching them how to navigate the differences between the worlds of blacks and whites.  Tom Robinson is conscientious and helpful, a black man caught in an untenable position solely because of his race.  Heck Tate is honorable and practical; he upholds the law but is willing to bend it when necessary to protect the innocent Boo.  Bob Ewell is cowardly, vindictive, and self-centered.  He thinks nothing of harming the innocent and even children.

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