I need a character that experiences an epiphany because of a certain event in Cry, the Beloved Country.

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I think the clearest example of a character who experiences an epiphany is in Chapter Thirteen, when Kumalo goes to Ezenzeleni with Msimangu and is given time to think, reflect and take stock of all that he has learnt about life and his son since his arrival in Johannesburg. As he sits thinking over these things and looking at the amazing view that lies before him, he turns his attention to the future and his hopes for rebuilding his tribe and ensuring that it has a future and hope. However, he is forced to realise in a rather depressing epiphany that his hopes are doomed to fail. Note what the text tells us:

He had admitted to itself. The tribe was broken, and would be mended no more. He bowed his head. It was as though a man borne upward intot he air felt suddenly that the wings of miracle dropped away from him, so that he looked down upon the earth, sick with fear and apprehension. The tribe was broken and would be mended no more. The tribe that had nurtured him, and his father and his father's father, was broken. For the men were away, and the young men and the girls were away, and the maize hardly reached to the height of a man.

Kumalo is thus forced to confront head on the problems of his tribe and it gives him little hope. However, what is important to note is the way in which Kumalo, even after accepting the truth of this, does not give in, but still works hard and fights as hard as he can to make a difference when he returns to his tribe.

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