What is the summary for Chapter 15 of "The Devil's Arithmetic"?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter 15 opens with a warning that the Commandant is coming.  The women in the camp make "a penetrating clucking noise" in response, and the children of the camp, who are not supposed to be there, come running from all directions, throw off their clothes, and jump into the trash heap.  Hannah notices that one of the babies is unattended in a washtub, and, snatching the little one up, jumps into the stinking heap with the others.  Even though the children's clothes are strewn everywhere, the Commandant passes by as if he doesn't notice.  Hannah recognizes that the whole process is a kind of awful charade.

Hannah is glad as the days become routine, because "as long as she (knows) what to expect, she (isn't) frightened".  Rivka arranges for her to be able to work in the kitchen, and when Hannah tries to thank her, Rivka tells her just to show her thanks by passing a kindness on to another.  On the third day in camp, the Commandant comes again, this time for a "Choosing".  Those who cannot work are "chosen" for extermination.

Gitl, who has been working in the sorting shed, brings news about the men from the village.  She has good news about Schmuel, Yitzchak the butcher, and some others, who have found useful work and are doing comparatively well.  Fayge's father, Rabbi Boruch, however, has been "chosen", along with Zadek the tailor, the badchan, the butcher from Viosk, and two dozen others.  The women tend to Fayge, who is distraught, and Gitl leads them in reciting the Kaddish, in memory of the dead.