Animal Farm Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

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I need to bring in 5 objects that represent Clover in Animal Farm. I already have a leash to represent being controlled by the pigs. What other objects could I bring in?

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You mentioned a leash to represent Clover. Four other ideas are below.

You could bring in a cat figure/stuffed animal and/or a duckling figure or stuffed animal. Early in the story, we learn that Clover is a maternal horse who has had her four foals sold away from her. She sleeps not only with Boxer, but with ducklings and the cat. These animals curl up with her for comfort.

A copy of "Beasts of England." You could print out the "Beasts of England" lyrics on a sheet of paper to show that she and Boxer, early on, lead the animals in singing this song every day. The song also represents that she is a true believer in the ideals of Animal Farm.

A figure or image of a large workhorse could represent Boxer and Clover's never-ending loyalty to him.

Anything heart-shaped would represent the way Clover always throws herself, heart and soul, into the work of the farm. After all, we learn, "Only Boxer and Clover never lost heart."

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Lorna Stowers eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Clover, from George Orwell's novel Animal Farm, is a cart horse on the farm. If one were looking to define her through different objects, the following could be used:

1. The number 4. Clover does not understand why the fourth commandment of the animals needs to be changed. This number represents her challenging of the laws.

2. Wings/Feathers: Clover, tries to save Boxer from slaughter. Therefore, she could be represented as his guardian angel.

3. Picture of  a foal: Clover is motherly in her actions and mannerisms. Therefore, she could be represented through the use of a picture denoting a baby horse (foal).

4. Handcuffs: Clover is a slave to her work. Therefore, the handcuffs could represent this idea.

5. Blue collar shirt: Clover is part of the working class. Today, the working class is represented through the denotation of the "blue collar."

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